Bouncing Sheep - Banner

Bouncing Sheep

English Version Surabaya, 18 September 2014 – Aksara Studio officially released a new game called Bouncing Sheep which is available for devices with Windows Phone 8.0 and Windows Phone 8.1 operation system (OS). The growth of puzzle & casual game which are played by many people and parents who play games with their children are the[…]

Waroeng Ekspres Jawa by Aksara Games Studio

Waroeng Ekspres by Aksara Games Studio

Aksara Games Studio officially announced a new game, Waroeng Ekspres in Nokia Developer Ecosystem Launching, Balai Kartini, Jakarta. Waroeng Ekspres is a mobile game that contains Indonesian traditional culinary and culture. Waroeng Ekspres is currently present in two series, Waroeng Ekspres and Waroeng Ekspres Jawa which has won 2nd winner CHIP – Nokia Mobile Game[…]

Waroeng Ekspres - Featured CHIP Online ID

Waroeng Ekspres @CHIP Online ID

We are very glad that our press release can be published on CHIP Online Indonesia in an article titled “Waroeng Expres, Game Kuliner dan Budaya Indonesia”. This article take focus on the launching of our game Waroeng Ekspres and its sequel, Waroeng Ekspres Jawa in Nokia Developer Ecosystem Launching. Thank you to CHIP editorial staff[…]

Waroeng Ekspres Jawa - Gameplay

Waroeng Ekspres oleh Aksara Games Studio

Jakarta – Aksara Games Studio secara resmi mengumumkan game terbarunya yang berjudul Waroeng Ekspres. Waroeng Ekspres saat ini telah hadir dalam 2 seri yaitu Waroeng Ekspres dan Waroeng Ekspres Jawa. Waroeng Ekspres merupakan sebuah game yang bertemakan kuliner dan budaya Indonesia. Kegemaran masyarakat pada kuliner serta pentingnya pengenalan budaya dan kuliner Indonesia pada bangsa Indonesia[…]