Tap Tap Ghost for Nokia Asha Full Touch on DailySocial

Tap Tap Ghost for Nokia Asha Full Touch on DailySocial.net

Several days ago, we had just released the another version of Tap Tap Ghost which is for the brand new Nokia phone, Nokia Asha Full Touch. Based on the statement of Developer Manager – Nokia South East Asia, Mr. Narenda Wicaksono, Tap Tap Ghost is the first Indonesian game for Nokia Asha Full Touch. We[…]

Aksara Games Studio Interview @SINDO Newspaper

Interviewed by Sindo Newspaper

In INAICTA 2011 Exhibition, one of our developer has been interviewed by a journalist from SINDO (Seputar Indonesia) Newspaper. As a result, an article titled “Game Symbian dan Java Masih Menggeliat” published in the SINDO newspaper which edition is October 12th 2011. There are some mistakes in this article, for example: we come from Surabaya,[…]

Aksara Studio's Game on DailySocial

Aksara Studio’s Games Article on DailySocial

A few weeks ago, our press release about Waroeng Ekspres launching has been published on NewsWire @ DailySocial. Today we are very happy because Mr. Wiku Baskoro from DailySocial.net has just written a very nice article titled “Versi Gratis Dua Game dari Aksara Studio, Capai Ribuan Unduhan” about our games update. Thank you DailySocial.net and[…]

Waroeng Ekspres on Penn Olson

Waroeng Ekspres Article @ Penn Olson

Once again, we are very glad that our press release can be published as an article on Penn Olson in an article titled “Waroeng Ekspres Mobile Game Trains You to be a Fast Cook“. Thank you to Penn Olson editorial staff for the article. This article is about the launching of our game Waroeng Ekspres[…]

Waroeng Ekspres - Featured CHIP Online ID

Waroeng Ekspres @CHIP Online ID

We are very glad that our press release can be published on CHIP Online Indonesia in an article titled “Waroeng Expres, Game Kuliner dan Budaya Indonesia”. This article take focus on the launching of our game Waroeng Ekspres and its sequel, Waroeng Ekspres Jawa in Nokia Developer Ecosystem Launching. Thank you to CHIP editorial staff[…]