Karaoke Kidz for Nokia Asha

Karaoke Kidz is an application that you can use for singing your favorite children songs. Show your expression and sing your favorite children songs with Karaoke Kidz! You can record your own voice, listen it and share your score to your friends. Have fun! This application is available on Nokia Store. You can download it on[…]

Tap Tap Ghost for Nokia Asha Full Touch on DailySocial

Tap Tap Ghost for Nokia Asha Full Touch on DailySocial.net

Several days ago, we had just released the another version of Tap Tap Ghost which is for the brand new Nokia phone, Nokia Asha Full Touch. Based on the statement of Developer Manager – Nokia South East Asia, Mr. Narenda Wicaksono, Tap Tap Ghost is the first Indonesian game for Nokia Asha Full Touch. We[…]

Jakarta Trans Guide for Windows Phone

Jakarta Trans Guide is an application that gives information about public transportation in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. You can find Kopaja, MetroMini, Mikrolet, and the other public transportation route in Jakarta and also you can find information and phone number of taxi and ojek in Jakarta. Even you can share your experience using public transportation[…]

Info Gempa for Windows Phone 7

Info Gempa is an information application based. It gives information about the most recent earthquake which is happened in Indonesia. By using this application you can also share the most recent earthquake information to your friends via twitter. Updated v 1.1: Live tile earthquake information, display recent earthquake in Indonesia. Info Gempa v1.1 for Windows Phone[…]

Tap Tap Ghost for Windows Phone Brochure

Tap Tap Ghost for Windows Phone

The ghosts are roaming everywhere. They disturbs the peace of the people in surrounding cemetery. Help people to repel the ghosts by tapping it quickly and be careful with the bombs or dynamites! Have you ever heard that game description? Maybe yes, or maybe not. That is the game description of Tap Tap Ghost which[…]

Brochure TeknoJurnal for Windows Phone

TeknoJurnal for Windows Phone

TeknoJurnal is an online magazine about the guide to explore Information Technology world, especially the growth of mobile industry in Indonesia which is very promising for the application developers or startup company. Mostly TeknoJurnal readers is from the students, technocrats, IT enthusiasts, and programmer. This application is an unofficial Windows Phone application for TeknoJurnal.com and[…]