Cooking Express Java – Conquering Java Island

The journey was not over yet. After training with the master chef in Waroeng Ekspres game, the young man still has a bigger dream that he wants to become a successful culinary entrepreneur who has many outlets all around Indonesia. So, he decided to expand his restaurant starting from Java Island.

Cooking Express Java is a story about a young man who wants to expand his restaurant to any other region in Java island. Thus, he decided to learn serving traditional food from each region from the master chef. Ask the visitor, take the food ingredients, serve back to the visior quickly and conquered the Java island!

Cooking Express Java is available on Nokia Store for:

  • Nokia Belle
  • Nokia Asha Full Touch
  • Nokia Touch & Type
  • Nokia Qwerty

Cooking Express Java and Cooking Express Java Free are available on Nokia Store right now. Feel free to download this game.

Enjoy this game!

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