Petualangan Aksara di Tanah Jawa for Windows Phone 7

Petualangan Aksara di Tanah Jawa (PAJ) is a game for Windows Phone 7 OS which combines culture and technology. PAJ for WP7 comes in order to give several options for users to play this game. They can play it in their Nokia S40, Nokia S60, Nokia Belle and now Windows Phone OS. PAJ gives not only fun but also education for its users.

PAJ for WP7 - Nokia Lumia 800 White Banner

PAJ for WP7 - Nokia Lumia 800 White Banner

A simple gameplay but interesting is very suitable for mobile phone users. Players just need to guess the meaning of the Javanese Letter showed. If all of the Javanese Letter sequence has been answered correctly, then they just need to confirm their answer in a precise timing. If players got a problem about how to play the game or Javanese Letter, this game also provides Tutorial and Help features. Moreover, attractive user interface with Indonesian style gives a new playing experience. PAJ also give competitive aspect with Highscore feature which store all of the player’s score in the server so player will feel addicted to beat their friends score.

Petualangan Aksara di Jawa which is also known as PAJ is a story about an old man who loves the culture of his nation and wants to give his shops to Aksara, his grandson. Thus, he decided to make a challenge about Javanese Letter to him so Aksara will have the same vision with him about culture. However, Aksara doesn’t have a good ability on Javanese Letter so he needs your assistance. Help Aksara to answer quickly and win his grandpa’s shop!

Now, this game is available now on Windows Phone Marketplace. Get it now while it’s free!

Enjoy this game!

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