Logo Freaks

Nowadays, when we are watching TV, browsing the internet or either walking on the street, we can see a lot of company logos everywhere. However, are you able to recognize all of that logos? Challenge yourself to know more logos by playing Logo Freaks! Don’t worry if you know nothing because there is hint which can be used to get the highest score.

Logo Freaks is now available on Nokia Store for Nokia Asha and Nokia Belle. Download this game and let see how many logos you can recognize!

Logo Freaks - Promotional Banner

Logo Freaks - Promotional Banner

Please note:

All logos shown or represented in this game are protected by copyright and/or are trademarks of their respective corporations.

Have fun!


• Update 2012/09/15:

Good news! Logo Freaks is now also available for Nokia Asha Full Touch and S40 Landscape on Nokia Store. Enjoy it!


Logo Freaks - Promotional Banner v1.2

Logo Freaks - Promotional Banner v1.2

• Update 2012/10/18:

Based on feedback from Logo Freaks players, new game mode is added and it’s available now on Nokia Store. The theme for this game is also changed to make it better. Enjoy the game!

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