Christmas Hunt by Aksara Studio

Jakarta – Aksara Studio is officially announced their new game called Christmas Hunt. Christmas Hunt is now coming for several platforms, such as: Nokia Series 40 Touch & Type device, Nokia Series 40 Full Touch device, and Symbian Belle OS. Christmas Hunt is a game about Christmas, so the player must know about the Christmas knick knacks. Aksara Studio has a will to celebrate Christmas in different way by presenting Christmas in a game. Generally the story of this game is about helping character in this game for collecting Christmas knick knacks for his Christmas tree decoration. Therefore, the players are asked to play as a Christmas knick knacks hunter to collect the Christmas knick knacks by using their fingers.

Now, Christmas Hunt can be downloaded all over the world including Indonesia because it have been available on the Nokia Store ( What are you waiting for? Download and play Christmas Hunt now! Have a wonderful Christmas!

About Christmas Hunt

Christmas Hunt is a game with Christmas as the main theme. The story of this game about a child who wants to celebrate Christmas with his Christmas tree and he needs its decoration. Therefore players are in charge to help him to collect the Christmas knick knacks by only using their fingers. This game is very easy and intuitive so this game is intended for all ages. This game consists of three levels and players can compete with their friends via online highscores. Christmas Hunt can be played on several Nokia mobile phones, such as Nokia Series 40 Touch & Type, Nokia Series 40 Full Touch, and Symbian Belle OS devices.

About Aksara Studio

Aksara Studio is a game and application developer studio that comes from Indonesia and have been making games which have Indonesian culture and education elements. In addition, Aksara Studio is currently also being expanded into the development of useful applications to help users in daily life. Aksara Studio was founded by three people who have different expertise but have the same passion and goals in supporting the game development in Indonesia through the creation of educational games and games which contain local culture of Indonesia.


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